Company Profile

As a locally owned and operated company, Info-Link Technologies has been a trusted name in information technology since 1995 providing complete computer solutions for businesses throughout Knox, Licking, Franklin, surrounding counties and the northern Columbus area. Info-Link's customers include several large and small businesses, educational facilities and governmental agencies that rely on up-to-date pertinent information and technology that cannot be compromised. Info-Link has built its business on building quality products, value-added services, maintaining an outstanding industry reputation and excellent customer satisfaction. The steady and sustained growth of our company can be attributed exclusively to referrals.

As the ever changing technological world evolves, Info-Link, as well, adapts to change and continues to offer a knowledgeable team of highly trained professionals to assist you in establishing the best answers to your business solutions.

Whether installing a new network, phone system, or upgrading your current computer system, our experienced technical staff can help you through every step of the process. From setup, service and maintaining Local & Wide area networks to providing convenient on-site and carry-in service, we are there to provide the ultimate solution that makes sense for your business.  We are your link to success.