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Implementation Services

Info-Link Technologies offers new installations and maintenance for existing heterogeneous networks which include all Microsoft platforms including: Small Business Server, Advanced and Enterprise Server, Linux and Unix platforms, Macintosh platforms and some Novell platforms. Info-Link Technologies’ new installations and upgrades may include the following services:


  • Thorough site inspection and verification of existing hardware and software configurations
  • Planning and implementation of Active Directory, Domain or Netware Directory services
  • Map of network layout including IP scheme, host names and device locations
  • Verification of all existing hardware configurations
  • Installation of other file server applications and services such as: SQL, Terminal Server, Anti-Virus, Proxy Server, Mail and Backup Applications
  • Configuration of workstation clients, including network and mail clients
  • Anti-Virus and management agents
  • Set-up and configuration of the host hardware, including drive systems and peripherals
  • Generation of file server, operating server and loading of current patches and drivers
  • Configuration of all network switches, testing of all server communication functions and workstation connections
  • Installation of Anti-Virus software and signature updating mechanism
  • Designing and implementing software distribution
  • Installation and testing of uninterruptible power supply and shutdown software Transfer and testing of your existing data and applications as required.
  • System supervisor training, including backup and maintenance procedures