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Structured Wiring

Info-Link Technologies designs and installs wiring projects from multi-phase and multi-site projects involving thousands of cable and fiber drops to single sites for small businesses and individuals. Info-Link is a certified On-Q professional installation team. Our services may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Consulting and design, including product selection, project planning and management
  • Repairs: Using advanced diagnostic tools, we can isolate and fix cabling problems rapidly
  • Certification: We test and certify every line after installation
  • Minimize Downtime: Flexible scheduling options to prevent business disruption
  • Network and telephone cabling including unshielded twisted pair, categories 5, 5e and 6
  • Aerial and underground fiber installation and termination, fiber wiring: single and multi-mode
  • Campus, corporate and household multi-dwelling structured cabling
  • In-house professional On-Q installation team with services including structured wiring, home audio and automation
  • Wireless backbone wiring and engineering

Info-Link assists you with the planning and project management to get wired for success. We replace antiqued telephone and video wiring with a modern office or home wiring system. Protect your home or business with advanced security. Distribute video and audio to every room. Whatever your need...Info-Link provides the wiring solution!